Centre for Studies in Food Security

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Welcome! Our Guiding Principles Established at Ryerson University in 1994, the Centre for Studies in Food Security (CSFS) has been working to promote food security through research, dissemination, education, community action and professional practice. We take an interdisciplinary and systemic approach to the social justice, environmental sustainability, health and socio-cultural aspects of food security. For information on recent and on-going projects supported by the Centre, click here. The Centre shares information and facilitates dialogue among civil society organizations, universities and governments through our web site and associated mailing lists. We have hosted several national and international conferences andwe are engaged with food security initiatives at local, regional and global levels. The Centre aims to: - create a platform for dialogue to increase food security through focusing on issues of health, income and the evolution of the food system, including attention to ecological sustainability and sociocultural diversity. - contribute to the knowledge base on food security through development of a research and consulting capacity which draws on the strengths of Toronto-based faculty and students, and Ryerson's commitment to applied research and professional education. - generate research and innovative practices, responsive to societal need, in partnership with community groups, small businesses, producers' organizations, health professionals, universities, government agencies and others. - share information and resources across all sectors, utilizing electronic media, publications, conferences, public forums, network meetings, and other means of participatory communication.
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