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University Administrative Policies and Procedures


Welcome to the Ryerson University Administrative Policies website.  Below is an alphabetical list of University administrative policies, procedures, guidelines and standards.  When you click on a listed item, you may also see a list of related documents, such as a procedure associated with a policy.  To understand the University's expectations and directions, related documents should be read together.  

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Alphabetical List of Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines

  • Administrative Policy Development and Distribution [Policy] [Procedure] - Currently under review
  • Approval Authority Schedule [Policy]  
  • Collection and Storage of Students' Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) [Policy]
  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention [Policy]
  • Electronic Imaging and Document Management [Policy]
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System [Policy]
  • Information Protection and Access - Restricted Information [Policy] [Procedure] - Currently under review
  • Low Voltage Media Installations [Policy]
  • Network and Server Security Management [Policy] [Procedure] - Currently under review (Procedure only)
  • Producing Identification and Supporting Emergency Direction of Security and Emergency Services [Policy]
  • Reimbursement of Alcoholic Beverage Expenses [Policy]  
  • Relocation Assistance Plan for New Career/Tenure Stream and Long Term Employees [Policy] [Addendum]
  • Statement of Commitment to Accessible Goods and Services for Persons with Disabilities [Statement]
  • Use of Personal Electrical Appliances within the University [Policy]
  • Workplace Accident, Illness & Disability Management System [Policy]

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