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Students sometimes struggle in ways that lead us to be concerned for their well-being.  Make a referral to our office.

We work with the Ryerson community to identify students in distress or address disruptive student behaviour.  Learn more

Students who may need extra support often display academic, emotional or physical signs.  Learn more

Complaints can be filed about a student’s disruptive behaviour by contacting the Student Conduct Officer.  Learn more

Ryerson students have the right to study and learn in a respectful and safe community.  Learn more about the Student Code

Ryerson students talk honestly about how to handle lectures, texting in class and other classroom behaviours

Emergencies 

If you or someone else is in immediate danger:

Dial '80' from an internal phone or call
416-979-5040 to contact Ryerson Security

If you are in crisis and need immediate support:

9AM-5PM:  Ryerson's Counselling Centre at

After 5PM: Good2Talk Student Helpline at