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Technology Support

For any technical issues regarding the activation of your my.ryerson account, D2L Brightspace, or any Ryerson applications; please contact the Computing and Communications Services (CCS) Help Desk.

We have included information for diverse needs, but many of the resources listed below are primarily for blind or low-vision users who use assistive technologies like screen readers.

Recommended browser and assistive technology combinations

It is recommended to use the latest version of your preferred browser and assistive technology while navigating Ryerson University websites and online systems. We recommend any of the following browsers and assistive technology combinations:

  • JAWS with Google Chrome or Firefox
  • NVDA with Firefox
  • Apple VoiceOver with Apple Safari
  • ZoomText with Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome (with Dragon Web Extension for Chrome, external link)

Creating your Ryerson Online Identity

Your first step as a new Ryerson student, faculty or staff member is to activate your online identity. Your Ryerson online identity grants you an account to access online resources such as your online courses, G Suite, and the my.ryerson portal, which includes the Ryerson Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) system for course enrolment.

The online identity activation form includes a short Ryerson Computing Guidelines Quiz that consists of 8 true or false questions. If accessing the form using a screen reader, it is recommended to navigate line by line once you are in the main content area. If you are experiencing any problems completing this form using an assistive technology, please contact us through our accessibility feedback form.

To activate your Ryerson Online Identity, please proceed to the appropriate link: applicants, student, or faculty & staff.


Popular browser bookmarks

We recommend adding the following bookmarks to your browser for convenient access.

  • - The my.ryerson portal includes access to various online resources, including G Suite and RAMSS.
  • - Access all of your online courses on D2L Brightspace.
  • - Send and receive all communications with your Ryerson Gmail.
  • - Find out what time and where your classes are on Google Calendar.
  • - Backup and access all of your files in the cloud using Google Drive.
  • AAS Online Services - View or send your accommodation letter or book a test exam with Academic Accommodation Support. 

Allowing pop-ups

For security reasons, some applications are required to open in a pop up window. In order to access your online courses, RAMSS and eHR, you must enable pop ups in your browser. It is highly recommended enabling pop ups specifically for, as opposed to enabling all pop-ups, whenever possible.

Internet Explorer pop-ups

On the same page that the pop-up was blocked, you should receive an alert that says "Notification bar requires response, press alt + n". You can either press alt + n keyboard combo, or hit the tab key to place your cursor on the "Allow once" button. Tab again to "Options for this site" dropdown, then select "Always allow" and press enter.

Mozilla Firefox pop-ups

On the same page that the pop-up was blocked, you should receive an alert that says "Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window." To allow pop-up, navigate to the "Options" button located just before web content. Select the dropdown menu item that says "Allow pop-ups for" and press Enter. 

Google Chrome pop-ups

On the same page that the pop-up was blocked, navigate to the browsers toolbar, and press Enter on the "Pop-ups were blocked on this page" button. Select the radio button that says "Always allow pop-ups and redirects from". Then tab to the "Done" button and press enter.

Apple Safari pop-ups

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a way to allow certain websites to open a pop-up window. Therefore unchecking this setting will allow pop-ups for all websites. To allow pop-ups, navigate to "Preferences". Then tab to "Security" button and press enter. Tab to "Block pop-ups" checkbox, and ensure it is unchecked.

D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is Ryerson's learning management system. It is where you can find all of your online courses and organizations. For the most up-to-date documentation and navigation help, we recommend visiting D2L's Accessibility and Navigation pages. Some relevant topics include:

G Suite

If you are using a screen reader with G Suite, Google recommends to use the following screen reader and browser combinations: 

  • JAWS or NVDA with Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Apple VoiceOver with Google Chrome
  • ChromeVox with Google Chrome if using Chrome OS

For the most up-to-date documentation and navigation help, we recommend visiting G Suite user guide to accessibility., external link Some relevant topics include:

For specific questions, please contact the Google Disability Support Team., external link


Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS) is a self-serve portal containing all information pertaining to Academics, Student Fees, Financial Aid, Personal Information, and Admissions. Once logged into the my.ryerson portal, select the RAMSS tab in the main navigation area.

RAMSS will open in a new window titled “Student Center”. The most effective way to navigate contents within this window is to navigate by link or to use the search function. For navigation help, please visit the RAMSS screen reader guide.


Feedback and accessible format requests

For any feedback and questions on the accessibility of a specific website or document, including accessible-format requests, please email or complete the accessibility feedback form.

If you are a student registered with Academic Accommodation Support and require an accessible alternative, please visit the Library's Accessible Format Production page.

Help and support

If you are a Ryerson community member and require further assistance, please email or complete the accessibility feedback form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.