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The following table lists all graduate courses being offered for the Fall 2020 term. Fall 2020 term begins on Tuesday September 8, 2020.

Course Course Status Instructor Date/Time
CV8010 - MASc Research Seminar
MASc required Dr. E. Elbeshbishy Tue., 11am-12pm
CV8020 - PhD Research Seminar PhD reqiured Dr. E. Elbeshbishy Tue., 11am-12pm
CV8205 - Special Topics in Envir. Eng.: Urban Water System Elective Dr. D. Joksimovic Fri., 12pm-3pm
CV8207 - Waste Management Elective Dr. E. Elbeshbishy Wed., 12pm-3pm
CV8301 - Appl. of Finite Element Meth. in Struct. Elective Dr. H. Aboshosha Thur., 3pm-6pm
CV8304 - High Performance Concrete Structures Elective Dr. A. Hossain
Fri., 3pm-6pm
CV8311 - Risk and Reliability for Engineers Elective
Elective Dr. A. Yuan Mon., 12pm-3pm
CV8400 - Road Safety Elective Dr. B. Persaud Thur., 12pm-3pm
CV8401 - Traffic Operations and Management Elective Dr. B. Persaud Tue., 3pm-6pm
CV8403 - Transportation Planning Elective Dr. B. Farooq Mon., 3pm-6pm
CV8500 - Satellite Positioning Elective Dr. A. El-Rabbany Tue., 12pm-3pm
CV8506 - Industrial Metrology Elective Dr. M. Chapman Thur., 3pm-6pm
CV8601 - Advanced Foundation Design Elective Dr. J. Liu Wed., 3pm-6pm

Disclaimer: Above times/days are subject to change. Course space availability cannot be guaranteed upon registration.


  1. For any non-civil engineering course registration, you must submit a completed and signed PDF fileCourse Substitution Request Form to as these registrations must be processed manually. Please check course availability and room location on RAMSS at Access the complete civil engineering calendar here.
  2. The deadline to add courses to your Fall 2020 timetable is Friday, September 18, 2020. The deadline to drop courses from your Fall 2020 timetable is Monday, December 7, 2020.
  3. All graduate dates and deadlines can be found on Ryerson's Significant Dates page.

Full Course Listing

Descriptions for each of the following courses, as well as a full program curriculum, can be found on Ryerson's Yeates School of Graduate Studies Civil Engineering webpage.

  • CV8102 Advanced Construction Management
  • CV8105 Construction Administration and Management
  • CV8106 Advances in Concrete Materials
  • CV8107 Special Topics: Civil
  • CV8110 Infrastructure Asset Management
  • CV8200 Processes for Water Pollution Control
  • CV8201 Surface Water Quality Modelling
  • CV8202 Surface Water Pollution Analysis
  • CV8204 Soil Remediation
  • CV8205 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
  • CV8206 Water Resources System Analysis
  • CV8207 Waste Management
  • CV8300 Solid Mechanics
  • CV8301 Application of Finite Element Methodology in Structural Engineering
  • CV8302 Dynamics of Structures
  • CV8303 Renovation/Repair of Existing Structures
  • CV8304 High Performance Concrete Structures
  • CV8306 Durability of Structures
  • CV8307 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CV8308 Bridge Design and Construction
  • CV8309 Special Topics in Structural Engineering
  • CV8311 Risk and Reliability for Engineers
  • CV8312 Steel-Skinned Composite Structural Systems
  • CV8313 Prestressed Concrete
  • CV8314 Analysis, Design and Construction of Tall Buildings
  • CV8400 Road Safety
  • CV8401 Traffic Operations and Management
  • CV8403 Transportation Planning
  • CV8405 Pavement Design and Management
  • CV8406 Advanced Highway Geometric Design
  • CV8407 Special Topics in Transportation
  • CV8409 Urban Transport Systems
  • CV8410 Travel Demand Analysis
  • CV8500 Satellite Positioning
  • CV8501 Advanced Geospatial Info Systems
  • CV8502 Digital Stereo Image Processing
  • CV8503 Geospatial Modeling and Visualization
  • CV8504 Estimation and Data Series Analysis
  • CV8505 GIS for Civil Engineering
  • CV8506 Industrial Metrology
  • CV8507 Satellite Remote Sensing of Urban Areas
  • CV8508 Special Topics: Geomatics
  • CV8601 Advanced Foundation Design
  • CV8602 Mechanized Tunnelling in Urban Areas
  • CV8603 Advanced Modeling of Glacial Deposits
  • CV8604 Geotechnical Engineering of Embankment Dams