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Letter of Permission

As of October 1, 2020, all students should use our new Google Form for all Letter of Permission Requests found in the How to Apply tab on this page.

A Letter of Permission (LOP) grants Ryerson students permission to enrol in a course at another accredited post-secondary institution and confirms credit will be applied toward their Ryerson program. Credits will not be granted for courses taken at another institution if an approved Letter of Permission has not been issued prior to course enrolment. Students must meet eligibility and satisfy all other requirements.

Fee: non-refundable Letter of Permission processing fee of $40 per course (subject to change).

Important Information:

Updated November 26, 2021:

Letter of Permission Requests for International Institutions

The University requires all students participating in a university-sanctioned activity abroad to complete the international risk management requirements. Please find full details regarding the international risk-management requirements for students on the Ryerson International website.

Letter of Permission Requests for Domestic (Canadian) Institutions

Please see detailed instructions below, under How to Apply.

To request a letter of permission you must be:

  • enrolled in a program of study at Ryerson University; and
  • in good academic (clear) standing when you submit your application and in the session prior to enrolment at the host institution
  • International students should review the information regarding “Can I apply for a
    letter of permission (LOP) to study at a post-secondary institution in my home
    country” on the Student Affairs COVID information page, opens in new window

You are not eligible if you:

  • are in your first term of undergraduate studies at Ryerson (because you do not have an academic standing yet)
  • have a Hold on your student record with an enrolment impact preventing you from adding or dropping courses at Ryerson. Your Letter of Permission Application will not be processed if there is a Hold on your account
  • are applying to take courses that are not applicable to your Ryerson program curriculum requirements
  • have already been awarded transfer credit for 50% of your Ryerson program requirements e.g. Direct Entry students are generally not eligible for an LOP
  • have already received credit for the course(s) or for similar courses at Ryerson (transfer credit or you passed the course at Ryerson)
  • Course level status at the host institution must match the Ryerson course (degree level for degree level).  Courses that are completed at a higher level status (degree) may satisfy a lower level status course (certificate) requirement.
  • Courses from accredited universities will be considered for transfer credit when successfully completed with a minimum grade of 60 percent or C-.
  • Courses from accredited post-secondary colleges and institutions of technology will be considered for transfer credit when successfully completed with a minimum grade of 70 percent
    or B-.  Some college courses will not be considered for transfer credit regardless of the grade achieved.
  • Performance indicators other than alpha or percentage grades are not acceptable for Transfer Credit.  i.e. PSD (passed), CRT (credit), EXP (exempt), EXM (exam), etc.
  • Course(s) must be completed in the term approved on the Letter of Permission in order to receive credit at Ryerson University. LOP is invalid if courses are not completed in the approved term.
  • Courses taken on a Letter of Permission will count toward cumulative course attempts.
  • Courses taken on a Letter of Permission will not count in the term or the cumulative GPA (grade point average).
  • Courses, or similar courses that you have already received credit for at Ryerson (transfer credit or a passed course at Ryerson) may not be taken on a Letter of Permission.
  • Applications for Liberal Studies courses require approval and signatures from the Faculty of Arts department.
  • Engineering students require the approval and signature of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science.
  • Upon completion of the course(s) final, official transcripts must be requested from the host institution and sent to Ryerson University-Transfer Credit Unit.
  • Transcripts for courses completed in a student's graduating year must be received by the final date to clear all outstanding academic graduation requirements to be eligible for graduation. More information on Significant Dates for Graduation and Convocation can be found online.
  • Only upon successful completion of both the specified prerequisite course(s) and the approved LOP course from the host institution will transfer credit be posted to your Ryerson academic record.
  • Confirm you are eligible.
  • Obtain detailed course outlines from the institution(s) you wish to attend for the course(s) you want to take.
  1. Obtain a detailed course outline in PDF format from the host institution.
  2. Access the online google formLetter of Permission application form, external link, opens in new window. If asked to sign in, please use your Ryerson email account.
  3. Fill out steps 1-4 of the application for the course you wish to take elsewhere. You must submit one application and payment per course. 
  4. Go to eForms in RAMSS to make the payment using the LOP payment form. 
  5. Enter the payment authorization code and form ID number from the payment confirmation page into the google form to complete and submit the application.

Processing Time: 10 Business Days. Longer than normal processing times may apply during busy periods.

Final decisions will be available in your RAMSS account in the Communications tile.

Direct questions to Curriculum Advising at for more information. Please include your Ryerson Student Number in all emails.

  • You have three months from the time of completion of the course to have the LOP credit posted to your Ryerson student record.  If a transcript has not been received by the Transfer Credit Unit within three months of course completion, you will no longer be eligible to receive the credit.
  • Submit your official transcript issued by the host institution to the Transfer Credit Unit. Note: official transcripts must be provided in a sealed envelope.  When submitting your sealed transcript directly to Ryerson, please add the notation: LOP and your student ID number to the outside of the envelope.
  • Credit for successfully completed LOP courses will be posted to your Transfer Credit Report (viewable via RAMSS) within five business days of receipt of your official transcript.
  • If you have applied to graduate, you must submit your transcripts in advance of the final date to clear outstanding graduation requirements as noted in the Significant Dates section of the Undergraduate Calendar. Note: It can take several weeks from completing the course, to when the institution issues a transcript.
  • Questions regarding posting of your LOP course credit can be emailed to Transfer Credits at