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O'Malley, Andrew


Associate Professor & Chair; Director, Children’s Literature Archive


BA Honours (McGill); MA (Toronto); PhD (Alberta)




416-979-5000 ext 2626

Email Address:


Andrew has published book chapters on a variety of subjects, as well as articles in such journals as The Lion and the Unicorn, Children’s Literature, English Studies in Canada, British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, and Eighteenth-Century Life. He is also the author of two monographs: The Making of the Modern Child: Children’s Literature and Childhood in the Late Eighteenth Century (Routledge, 2003) and Children’s Literature, Popular Culture, and Robinson Crusoe (Palgrave 2012). Recently, and after many years of threatening to do so, he has finally begun turning his research attention seriously to the comic books in which he has had a lifelong interest. His current research investigates the controversies that erupted over children’s comic book reading in the mid-twentieth century, when an anxious popular imagination linked comics to a host of delinquent juvenile behaviours. Prof. O’Malley is working on a digital, curated exhibition entitled ‘Comic Books, Children’s Culture, and the Crisis of Innocence: 1940-1954,’ which seeks to place the widespread comics controversy within the broader context of mid-century North American and British children’s culture. This project was recently awarded an Insight Development Grant by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Research Interests:

Eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century children’s literature,  popular cultures, comics.