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Dr. Monique Tschofen launches Dept of English Lunch Table Talks

November 22, 2011

Several times a year, faculty members of the English Department present their latest research.  The Department of English Lunch Table Talks for the 2011/2012 academic year were kicked off on November, 2011, when Dr. Monique Tschofen delivered a stimulating talk on Canadian artist Betty Goodwin and poet and writer Anne Carson.  A specialist in Canadian Literature and Visual Culture, Dr. Tschofen walked her audience through a nuanced and moving analysis of the aesthetics and poetics of human suffering through an analysis of Betty Goodwin's artwork and Anne Carson's poetry.  Her discussion opened up more broadly to consider ways of thinking about different forms of political and critical interrogation. 

There was a remarkable turn-out for this event; the lecture drew interested faculty and students from across disciplines and departments who engaged in animated discussion with Dr. Tschofen during the Q & A.