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Awards Night 2018

November 20, 2018

It’s that time of year again when the department takes time to recognize the many talented students at our annual awards night. Current students as well as those from the class of 2018 gathered November 20, 2018 to accept their awards amongst family, friends and faculty. Congratulations to all those who won! For more information visit our awards page.

Academic Achievement Scholarship
- Quentin Stuckey (second year)
- Kris Dionio (third year)

BA English Student Life Award
- Tony Carlucci
- William Moo

Creative Writing Award
- Benson McDaniel

Literary Digital Media Award
- Jennifer Elliott

English Essay Award (first/second year)
- Ruba Hassan

WC Chau Essay Award (third/fourth year)
- Deanna Bucco

Dean’s List
- Deanna Bucco
- Tony Carlucci
- Kris Dionio (BA English/Philosophy)
- Macrina Dirracolo
- Jennifer Elliot
- Karolina Fedorcio
- Angela Gatti
- Marion Grant
- Ruba Hassan
- Elana Katz (BA English/Philosophy)
-  Victoria Maxwell-Turanski
- Paris Salmon-Wright
- Quentin Stuckey
- Gabriela Will (BA English/Philosophy)