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Micro-Poems, Macro-Talent!

February 07, 2019

Last fall, the Yeates School of Graduate Studies launched its 2018-2019 GRAD Contests. One competition invited grad students from across Ryerson to write a 15-word micropoem in response to the prompt, “How is your Ryerson graduate education helping you shape our future world?” Of the 50 submissions, 4 were by LitMod students: Terrence Abrahams, Chia (Shane) Liu, Alexandra Pospisil, and Tali Voron. A festive awards ceremony to recognize the entrants was held on February 7, 2019, at the Ryerson Image Centre. We are proud of all our LitMod poets, and offer special congratulations to Terrence (1 of 3 first-prize winners) and Alex (1 of 3 honourable mentions)—photographed above by classmate Lena Lahalih. While the 50 poems are now available in a chapbook at Ryerson’s Library, you can read the impressive LitMod poems below:

Terrence Abrahams

what I learned from the water

a river carves first its own space




                                    carries along

for ages after

Chia (Shane) Liu

Filth on the screen,

Dirt in their eyes,

Clear messages untold.

SNAP, what’s the word.

Alexandra Pospisil

Lines that divide seem immutable.

Grasping them
I shake.

fragments reform

bonds are born.

Tali Voron

the bridge between

the world i wish to see
on blank pages