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LitMod Publishing Success!

November 08, 2019

LitMod publishing success!: notes from the garden, external link poetry chapbook

This October, Terrence Abrahams, a member of the 2018-19 cohort, launched his third poetry chapbook with London-based baseline press. Alongside work by Nisa Malli, Síle Englert, Emily Lu, Isabella Wang, and M.W. Jaeggle, Terrence’s chapbook was one of seven to be selected by Karen Schindler, founder and publisher of baseline press. The chapbook, titled notes from the garden, external link, is a brief collection of prose-poems that are all poetic takes on so-called fields of study. Beginning with the poem “on amateur mythology” and ending with “on amateur autology,” the collection attempts to capture personal reflections as well as to reimagine the meanings behind these realms of study. One of the poems, “on amateur dendrology,” is available to read here:

Apple and pear go on no matter the pruning. So hands over hands, year upon year, show how. Listen, you twist and break, not pull, as its weight drags it down enough. Think of the fruit as if it is being passed to you by someone who is unsure when hunger might return. In this is an honesty older than everything.

Terrence attended the London launch of his chapbook at on October 1st, where he read selected poems from his collection with Emily Lu, Síle Englert, and Nisa Malli. The reading took place in London’s own TAP Centre for Creativity, a beautiful gallery and community art space. The book was also launched in Toronto with Nisa, Síle and Emily on October 25th at the new location of Toronto’s premier (and only) poetry shop, knife | fork | book. notes from the garden is one of two baseline titles selected by Ruth Skinner to be a part of the interactive exhibit Anti-profit: Independent Publishing in London, external link, on display at Western University’s McIntosh Gallery until October 26, 2019.