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DH@Ryerson Lunch Table Talk

February 25, 2020
12:00 PM EST - 1:00 PM EST
Ryerson Library, LIB-405
Open To
Jason Boyd

Natural Language Processing addresses fundamental questions at the intersection of human languages and computer science. How can computers acquire, comprehend and produce natural languages such as English? How can computational methods give us insight into observed human language phenomena? We therefore propose intelligent search and analysis to provide continuous delivery of real-time and data driven insights on languages. In particular, we bridge the gap between multiple data sources and users’ desires by exploring the following three questions involving intelligent search and analysis: (1) how to understand users’ queries? (2) how to identify the most relevant results for queries? (3) how to satisfy users’ underlying goals?

Join us as Dr. Vivian Hu, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Ryerson University presents a talk on Intelligent Search and Analysis on Natural Languages