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DH Workbench: Using Voyant Tools with Spyral Notebooks for Text Analysis

March 11, 2021
3:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST
Open To
Everyone - register for Zoom link
Tanya Pobuda

Hosts: Jason Boyd, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Kaylin Land

Dr. Stéfan Sinclair, a leading Canadian Digital Humanist who sadly passed away last year (, external link), was a co-creator, with Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell, of Voyant Tools, a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts as well as a co-author, with Dr. Rockwell, of Hermeneutica (2016). Join Dr. Rockwell (University of Alberta) and Ph.D. candidate Kaylin Land (McGill University) for a demonstration of Voyant and an associated project Dr. Sinclair was leading: Spyral Notebooks.

Some learning walkthroughs for Voyant can be found at, external link. Examples of the use of Voyant can be read at!/guide/gallery, external link.