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Education, Awareness & Outreach

Crystal Mark
Crystal Mark, Education, Awareness and Outreach Consultant

Education, Awareness and Outreach is one of the units that make up the Office of the Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion (OVPECI). Led by Crystal Mark, the unit identifies, develops and delivers customized learning solutions to the Ryerson community. 

What we do

We take a collaborative and innovative approach to provide students, faculty and staff with opportunities to advance their own education and awareness around equity, diversity and inclusion. We offer strategic consultation to identify learning requirements for teams and offer customized seminars, presentations and workshops to fill competency and skills gaps. This includes: 

  • presentations to students and classes to imbed and infuse EDI across campus
  • consulting with faculty and staff on the importance and necessity of equitable hiring practices to build a campus that reflects the population of those we serve
  • facilitating events, workshops and group presentations to increase the body of knowledge across campus on equity, diversity and community inclusion issues

In addition, The Education, Awareness and Outreach unit  convenes and stewards the first Canadian university Community of Practice focused on equity and community inclusion. This is a multi-disciplinary mobilization on campus to document, strengthen and cultivate strategies that increase capacity and support for equity and community inclusion at Ryerson and beyond.

OVPECI Community of Practice

The OVPECI Community of Practice is an integrative, multidisciplinary resource and learning exchange body designed to groundswell and mobilize equity, diversity and inclusion activity on campus. Members including Ryerson students, faculty and staff, participate in shared learning, presenting and resource development on equity, diversity and inclusion. 

In addition to monthly meetings where participants share and expand their equity knowledge, the Community of Practice hosts events, training sessions and conferences on equity issues to foster an intersectional and interdependent approach to the unique complexity of equity seeking groups both in a Canadian and global context. 

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If you have any questions or would like to request training for your team, please contact Crystal Mark (Education, Awareness and Outreach Consultant) at or 416-979-5000, ext. 544458.