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Orange Shirt Day

An orange t-shirt with the words, "Every child matters"

September 30 was the honour and recognition of Orange Shirt Day 2020

What is Orange Shirt Day?

Orange Shirt Day takes place annually on September 30 and is a global day of recognition and awareness-raising about residential schools. We commemorate the day by wearing an orange shirt or clothing item.

Ryerson community members come together every September 30 in the spirit of truth-telling, reconciliation and to provide space for conversations on the impact of residential schools and the legacy it has left behind in our community. 

For survivors of residential schools, Orange Shirt Day reaffirms that their lived experience matters and recognizes the multiple generations of trauma felt as a result. The entire Ryerson community is invited to join the discussion of  our collective responsibility to advance truth and reconciliation for generations to come.

The significance of September 

September was chosen because it falls within the time of year in which children were taken from their homes and sent to residential schools. Given it is also at the start of the school year, it represents an opportunity to set the stage and draw awareness to anti-racism and anti-bullying initiatives.

A key initiative as part of Truth and Reconciliation at Ryerson

Orange Shirt Day was identified as a key initiative brought forward by students as part of Ryerson’s Truth and Reconciliation community consultations. 2020 marks the fourth year in which Ryerson hosted an Orange Shirt Day event.

Learn more in the PDF fileCommunity Consultation Summary Report as part of Truth and Reconciliation at Ryerson.

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