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One of Ryerson University’s largest sources of environmental impact is student, faculty and staff commuting. We are committed to encouraging sustainable transportation habits through campus education and engagement, as well as through the development of new infrastructure.

Commuter modes of transportation for Ryerson population (2017 to 2018)

This chart compares the modes of transportation used by commuters in 2017 to 2018. 54% local transit; 23% regional transit; 16% walking or biking; 5% solo driver; 2% ride share.

Modes of transportation Percent of Ryerson population
Local transit  54%
Regional transit  23%
Walking or biking 16%
Solo driver 5%
Ride-share 2%

Public transportation to campus

Local and regional public transportation emits 90 percent less carbon emissions per passenger than solo driving the same distance. Our urban location makes it easy to choose sustainable transportation to get to and from campus. For example, there are multiple streetcar stops, subway stations and Bike Share locations nearby. 

Visit the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) map, external link and Bike Share map, external link for more information. Learn about GO Transit discounts for students. 

Resources for cyclists 

Ryerson has taken many steps to making cycling an easy and accessible form of sustainable transportation to, from, and around the campus. 

For those who choose to commute by bicycle there are various services and supports available:

Bike racks throughout campus

To promote bicycle ridership on campus, Ryerson offers over 1,100 bicycle parking spots across campus in a variety of styles including ring and post, hanging triangle, staple and cyclepods. The racks are part of a campus-wide bicycle program developed in conjunction with the City of Toronto’s Bicycle Friendly Campuses Project.

Locate our bike racks on our campus map.

Reserved secure bicycle parking

Ryerson offers limited reserved secure bicycle parking permits for students, faculty and staff via the Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex (DCC).

Located on the lower level (B01) of 288 Church St., Ryerson’s reserved secure bicycle parking spaces offer an alternative to street level bicycle parking and include dedicated washroom and shower facilities than can be accessed with your OneCard.

Learn more about reserved secure bicycle parking permit periods and pricing.

Bike repair station 

Ryerson is equipped with 1 bike repair station in front of the Ryerson Student Centre on Gould Street. The station allows users to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments.

Bike Share Toronto

With several docks located very near to campus, Bike Share Toronto, external link is a convenient option for community members looking to reduce their carbon footprint. PRESTO card holders can enjoy a 40 percent discount, external link on the first full year of membership.

Notable initiatives

2016 Employee Transportation Survey 

In August 2016, employees were invited to participate in a transportation survey which gathered information about commuting choices and preferences. In addition to providing a more comprehensive understanding of Ryerson's transportation patterns, preferences and carbon emissions, the information is used for campus planning and design efforts related to supporting the goals of Ryerson’s Master Plan (e.g. increased pedestrianization).

Community engagement

Healthy Commute Week

Started in 2016, Healthy Commute Week provides students, faculty and staff with information on sustainable commuting options. Last year’s campaign took place in March 2019 and was a joint effort between the sustainability team and the Ryerson Student Union. The campaign included a wide variety of fun activities, including: 

  • A bike safety workshop for community members.
  • A visit from President Lachemi and Eggy the Ram.;
  • An art installation showcasing the evolution of public transit in Toronto.
  • A contest giving people the chance to win a $100 preloaded PRESTO card.

Smart Commute Carpool Week 

Ryerson participates in Smart Commute Carpool week, external link, an annual campaign led by Smart Commute to celebrate carpooling and the benefits associated with it. Each year, we promote smart commuting through a series of twitter cards. In 2019 we included tips on how to find your perfect carpooling match and encourage Ryerson members to carpool. 

Bike Month

Ryerson participates in Bike Month, external link annually, a campaign that encourages this healthy and environmentally-friendly mode of transport throughout the month of June. Last year, the sustainability team partnered with the Ryerson Cycling Club, external link to raise awareness about cycling etiquette, safety techniques and other tips and tricks. We also invited Charlie’s Freewheels to provide free safety checks to all students, faculty, and staff. Safety checks included chain lubrication, tire pressure checks, and minor brake adjustments.