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Ryerson University is committed to employing technologies and behaviours that minimize water waste. We measure our water usage and work to reduce water consumption through environmentally sustainable practices.

Notable initiatives

Bottled water free campus

Ryerson is bottled water free and encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to carry a reusable bottle. This is supported by providing free, public drinking water and an increased investment in water fountains and water bottle refill stations throughout our campus. The sale of bottled water on campus was successfully phased-out in 2013. Learn more about the PDF fileRyerson Students' Union campaign that launched this initiative.

Locate our water fountains and bottle refill stations on our campus map.

Aqueous Cleaning System

The Aqueous Cleaning System uses a process which turns water into a cleaner called Aqueous Ozone. A unit converts oxygen into ozone which is infused into the water. The ozone cleans by oxidizing any bacteria that it comes into contact with, eliminating the need for harsh chemical cleaners.

The system is used by our custodial staff along with environmentally-friendly cleaners in a number of campus buildings (including the Student Learning Centre, Library building, Podium, Jorgenson Hall and the Recreation and Athletics Centre).