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Refashioning Masculinity

Refashioning Masculinity investigates how men construct their identities through appearance and how fashion can be a vital tool to advance social change.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Development Grant
  • FCAD Centre for Fashion Diversity & Social Change
  • Ryerson Athletics
  • Ben Barry
  • Daniel Drak
  • Stephanie Rotz
  • Dylan Martin
  • Rebecca Halliday
  • Amy Smith
  • Nathaniel Weiner
  • Lawrence Cortez
  • Alyksandra Ackerman
  • Jennifer Braun
  • Jeanine Brito


  • The first stage of the project consists of interviews with men of diverse ages, bodies, sexual orientations, ethnicities and (dis)abilities. During this stage, participants provide a tour of their wardrobes and describe the feelings and memories they attach to their clothes.
  • The second stage is a transmedia fashion show featuring the interviewees. This process performs the research, sharing the results with the public through a creative, visual, and familiar medium.

This feminist-driven project created a new approach to understand and transform how men see themselves, interact with each other, and engage with women.