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Exchange Program

Exchange program with the University of Osnabrück

The MA Program in Immigration & Settlement Studies (ISS) and the MA Program in International Migration & Intercultural Relations (IMIB) at the University of Osnabrück in Germany are partners in an international student exchange. Up to three ISS students will have the opportunity to spend the Spring/Summer semester in Germany to complete MRP research and a placement while up to three students from IMIB will spend preceding Fall term at Ryerson taking courses in the ISS program.

Selection of ISS students who want to participate in the exchange program will happen through an application process in the Fall term with results of the competition announced by the end of the Fall term. An information session will be held to provide further details.

Find out more about the University of Osnabrück, external link

"The main experience that I took away from the exchange was having conversations about immigration with Germans in all fields of study or work. I think that paramount in the study of immigration is understanding the opinions of the general public. Having the opportunity to travel to Osnabrück, Germany gave me the ability to have these conversations with members of the German public, giving me insight into a different and similar discourse influenced by geography, culture and education."

Aidan Kerr, 2017-18 ISS cohort