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Aboriginal Employee Services

Tracey King

We are a strong and resilient people with unique and diverse identities and backgrounds. We have a multitude of transferrable skills, formal and informal education, work and lived experiences that can positively transform every workplace. - Tracey King

Your Aboriginal Human Resources Consultant

Ryerson’s Aboriginal Hiring Consultant, Tracey King, is available to candidates thinking of applying, employees who are looking for support settling in, or leaders who are looking to hire Aboriginal employees.

Tracey’s background

Tracey King, Essinhs Kwe (Little Shell Woman) is Pottawatomi & Ojibway, Otter Clan and a band member of Wasauksing First Nation.

For 25 years, Tracey has worked in Toronto universities and Aboriginal organizations, while completing her three university degrees and other studies ranging from career and work counselling to human resources management.

A community member at Ryerson and beyond

While her role is housed within Human Resources, it requires collaboration with Aboriginal Initiatives, Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services, and the Aboriginal Education Council. She is also a member of the management team in The Office of Vice-President Equity and Community Inclusion.

A commitment to Aboriginal perspective and inclusion

Tracey brings what she has learned from an Aboriginal perspective as both a single parent, first-generation student and first-generation professional to all that she does. She works to create a more welcoming and Aboriginal inclusive workplace, increasing the awareness of issues affecting Aboriginal people. She uses a recruitment model that focuses on the unique workplace inclusion challenges faced by Aboriginal peoples.

Articles published by Tracey

Contact Tracey

Tracey can be reached at 416-979-5000, ext. 4705 or