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Pension Estimate Calculator

This tool will calculate your potential pension by using the slider bar to choose various dates of retirement. The calculator includes all of your service and earnings information from your most-recent statement, with the updated information available each August.

The results from the calculator assume full service and pensionable earnings accrual from the date of your previous statement up to the retirement input date. However, the calculator cannot differentiate between different types of credited service you may have, such as:

  • regular Ryerson accrued current service;
  • transferred-in service from a prior pension plan; or,
  • prior-bought-back service.

Each of these may be subject to maximum benefit amounts payable in connection with any benefit attributable to such service. This means that when you retire, the actual pension entitlements will differ from the estimate generated by this calculator. Additionally, if you have transferred-in or prior-bought back service, your final pension will likely be less than an estimate produced by this calculator.

Please note: The online estimate calculator works best with browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Ryerson reserves the right as sponsor of the Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan to amend the plan from time to time either in accordance with applicable legislation, or when deemed warranted by the University.