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Nathan Christie



Certificate in Publishing, The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University
Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Specialty in Journalism), York University

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Web Publishing


Hi there! I'm Nathan, and I'm happy to be a part of the Digital Media program.

The basic gist (or is it jist? Gif or Jif?) of who I am: I like to write. Usually exciting, yet quite terrifying. When I don't write, I like to edit. Usually unexciting, yet quite satisfying. For the majority of my short professional career, I presented myself as a do-anything freelancer in these two roles.

Recently, I became a managing editor for a publisher in the health sciences. Taking a role in product development was a bit uncanny in how natural it felt, and I started to think more about the applications of digital media and where that leads.

And now here I am. "Where will I end up?" is a question that I cannot yet answer, but I do know where the next step lies, and the path ahead is sketched out...

Looking forward to working with everyone and to the 2016-17 year!

Why Digital Media?

The written word has an interesting kind of power today. Transformed as it is in the digital realm, written communication has never been more significant, more permeating, more vacuous, more confusing, more inspiring. I wonder what this program will teach me so I can uncover more of that power! (Well, there goes my attempt to not sound like a comic book villain.)

Furthermore, this program's emphasis on integrating digital media into practical and exciting applications attracts me tremendously, as it reflects my own working values and attitudes: to be idealistic, to be enthusiastic, to always look for creative yet workable solutions to complex problems, and, most importantly, to enrich the lives of others with these solutions.

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