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Umar Hashim



Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing,
Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom)

Bachelor of Business (Management and Marketing),
Edith Cowan University (Australia)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Diploma,
City and Guilds of London Institute (United Kingdom)

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Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing


Working for a leading Sri Lankan telecommunications operator for over 5 years gave Umar the drive to immerse himself in technology. During this time he experienced how the many avenues of digital media can be used to optimize day-to-day business and meet marketing requirements. The exposure he gained working on mobile applications, social media management, graphic design and initiatives using virtual reality opened many avenues for him in customizing business objectives to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Being a self-learner, he enjoyed mastering a number of design applications, complementing his marketing and business background.

With his experience, Umar manages all marketing requirements of his family business relating to web, print and social media as a personal project.

Why Digital Media?

The world we live in today is changing faster than ever before, digital influence and new media is reshaping how marketing and businesses operate across the globe. As technology advances the basic needs and wants of consumers and industries evolve over time, causing a complete paradigm shift from traditional media.

Umar selected the MDM program as it fosters innovative solutions—a must have in today's corporate environment, in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Digital concepts he finds particularly interesting include data visualization and analytics, artificial intelligence, social media frameworks, information security, privacy as well as mobile applications.

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