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Michael Stevenson



Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia), University of New Brunswick
Certificate in Film Production, University of New Brunswick
Diploma in Digital Design, Vancouver Film School

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Designing Interactive Audiovisual Experiences
- User Experience, Interactive Design
- Branding, Art Direction
- Motion Design
- Sound Design


I was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick and spent 5 years in Vancouver before recently moving to Toronto to study at Ryerson and take the next step in my career. I have dipped my toes into several areas of study and mediums of creative expression (music, illustration, animation, illustration and filmmaking to name a few). Now it is time to specialize and narrow my focus toward a specific career path. I am beyond excited to have been selected to take part in Ryerson's Master of Digital Media program!

Why Digital Media?

Our day-to-day lives are now so affected by media, it is becoming more and more essential to know how to use digital tools effectively and responsibly. I would like to create impactful messages through creative, thoughtful and responsible audiovisual and user experience design, potentially delving into 3-dimensional spaces (installation) or even virtual reality.


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