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Brock Dishart

Brock Dishart


BA hons degree in French-English Translation, 
Certificate in Technical & Professional Writing

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Media (TV/Web) Bilingual Web Accessibility Web Content


Brock Dishart enjoys creating products that ignites the passion within others and connects communities. Through his previous work at Groupe M├ędia TFO in Toronto, Brock had the opportunity to develop websites for the award winning music TV show BRBR TFO that promoted Francophone musicians throughout Canada in order to help grow their audiences and to support the Francophone arts community. In 2017, Brock won a Gemini award for his work in creating a mobile app for BRBR TFO. Brock is interested in digital social interaction, inclusive design, and web accessibility in hopes of building a better digital space for all.

Why Digital Media?

Depending on your point-of-view, Digital Media is a force that can control your life by creating compulsive behaviours and removing you from reality. From my perspective, Digital Media is a powerful and inspirational force in removing barriers and uniting people from all different backgrounds. It democratizes the way information is shared and levels the playing field - giving pretty much anyone the power to take their ideas to the next level with the right guidance and persistance. Digital Media helps us, humans, by giving us the power to change the world for the better.

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