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Marisa Tassone

Marisa Tassone


BA Media Production - RTA School of Media

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Producing, Marketing, Storytelling, Transmedia


Storytelling is something that has always fascinated Marisa. From a very young age she was enthralled by the stories her grandparents told her and was always asking for more stories and tales. Marisa is a recent graduate of Media Production at the RTA school of Media at Ryerson University. She expected to spend her undergraduate career focused on film and television production, but was open to all experiences.

In 2014, Marisa interned at DMD, a Radio Promotional company where she was first exposed to the radio industry. She attended festivals like North by North East where she networked with people from every facet of the music industry.

In 2015, Marisa decided to merge her love of fashion, music and photography by creating a mixed-media magazine called Epoch. The goal of the magazine was to innovate print media. The magazine included augmented reality features, allowing viewers to gain access to bonus content that was not available to anyone other than owners of the print magazine.

Marisa’s perspective changed when she tried virtual reality. She was excited by this new opportunity for storytelling. For her thesis project during her undergrad, Marisa formed a group with other Media Production students to create a VR film production company, Contraverse, and successfully produced three VR short films. Marisa is still working on this project and is submitting the completed films to festivals around the world, including Sundance, Tribeca and SXSW.

Marisa is very excited to be part of the MDM where she is surrounded by creative individuals and entrepreneurs who are open to collaborate and share experiences with one another.

Why Digital Media?

Marisa chose digital media because it is the perfect merge between all of her passions of business, media and emerging technologies.

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