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Anna Lang

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Anna Lang


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interactive Arts and Science with a digital prototyping concentration.


Project Management, Digital Prototyping, Digital Marketing, Digital Accessibility Accommodation


Anna’s unique experience within her Bachelors allowed her to have an interdisciplinary study in digital media, project management and digital expression, giving her a broad understanding of technology, personal and team-based skills. Her enjoyment of teamwork leads her to have significant leadership roles in her undergraduate program, becoming an expert in workflow and project management. Anna’s passion for digital media and expression has led her to explore the intersection between interpersonal skills, digital boundaries, and accessibility studies to allow her to prototype a collaboration of the three. 

Why Digital Media?

Anna chose Ryerson University’s Masters of Digital Media program for its intensive 12-month program and ability to create and innovate while learning from a wide range of experts. She looked for an immersive and comprehensive study to allow her to learn through simulation and team-driven projects.