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Dorcas Marfo

Dorcas Marfo


Bachelor of Journalism, Ryerson University, minor in Politics


Feature writing, creative writing, content creation, digital storytelling, social media management, graphic design. 


Dorcas is a multimedia freelance journalist. During her last two years in undergrad, she nurtured her skills in feature writing by writing personality profiles for an emerging local magazine: AfroCentric Magazine. Her cover page stories landed on both the debut and second edition. With her interest in the arts and culture scene, Dorcas based her capstone project on the connection between art collecting and the space these inanimate objects take up in memory and physical space. She had the pleasure of profiling a Toronto-based art collector and landscape architect. 

By the end of her undergrad, Dorcas had created a channel that she could hone these skills and run all of her interests under. 20 STRY was born with the goal of combining digital and personal storytelling as a way of connecting brands with their clients through the means of content creation. Currently she works with small and emerging businesses with their branding through graphic design and cross-platform content. She writes monthly for a local newspaper, The Ghanaian News, as a way to bridge values and voices that need a community eye. 

Why Digital Media?

Dorcas decided to jump right into MDM after graduating in June. With a heart for digital storytelling, she’s interested in learning more about transmedia and immersive storytelling because there’s more than one way to tell a story. She wants to learn how AR technology can be combined with storytelling to assist in areas like tourism, museum showcases and city art and installments. She wants to continue to use all of her interests and platforms to contribute to the shift of BIPOC individuals receiving recognition for the seeds they’ve planted in the storytelling landscape. 

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