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Yin Li

Yin Li


University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts, Majors in New Media and Studio Art


Video Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Development


Graduated from the University of Toronto’s New Media and Studio Art Program, Yin has mastered both theories and practices to create new digital representations. During her study, she has built strong fundamentals of art, design, and digital media. With an extensive industry exposure, she has also honed practical skills in digital media production, journalism, photography, videography, graphic and 3D design. While her research and practice primarily focused on Chinese traditional culture and the relationship between self-awareness and new media trends, her professional portfolio demonstrates her creative abilities, critical thinking and academic expertise.

After graduating, Yin continued to pursue her professional career as a video editor and content moderator at a media company in Toronto. She was responsible for the production and promotion of a newly launched broadcasting program, engaging not only in video production but also in marketing capacities, such as creating and designing news articles and short films. This allowed her to enhance her video editing, animation, and graphic design skills in a practical manner and enabled her to gain hands-on digital marketing knowledge. She was able to pinpoint effective communication in enhancing media reach that has successfully broadened the audience base. Her desire to keep enhancing knowledge and develop skillsets has continuously motivated and promoted her success in the digital media field.

Why Digital Media?

Yin aspires to be a more knowledgeable and well-rounded professional who is eager to lead the future in the digital media market. The MDM program fuses both theoretical and practical elements, which strongly aligns with her interests and profession. She is very passionate and dedicated to expand her knowledge and become a highly-skilled professional.