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Careers in Mathematics

Math undergradaute students attending the Ryerson career fair.

Reports and studies have shown a high demand for workers with STEM-related degrees. Problems are becoming more complex, and there’s an ongoing need for workers with advanced mathematics to help generate solutions.

A Career in Numbers

Mathematically trained individuals fill a wide variety of roles. They’re often involved in quantitative tasks related to research, technological development, statistics, risk management and more. They may work in a wide variety of sectors such as finances, business, government, medicine and healthcare.

Graduates from both of our programs satisfy the need for workers with strong mathematical skills. Some also use their degrees as an entry point to post-graduate education and/or complementary careers in medicine, business or academia .

STEM-specific career specialists can help you explore the options. Check out what's available at Ryerson's Career & Co-op Centre.

Employment Rates

As of 2016, 85.5% students who earned undergraduate mathematics degrees in Ontario found employment within six months, and 94.5% within two years after graduation.*

*Data sourced from Employment Rates of Graduates in Undergraduate Programs, by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and Institutions

"The Financial Math program at Ryerson is exceptional because of the knowledge and skill set you will gain. The farther you are in the program, the more choices of career paths you can see. I changed my mind several times throughout my undergrad, but am now planning on a career in data science, and am excited to start implementing everything I’ve learned.”

Alexandra Fogel, Financial Mathematics student

Sample Sectors and Roles

Below are just a few of the roles pursued by graduates of mathematics programs.*

Cyber Security Specialist
Forensic Accountant

Insurance Actuary
Data Analyst
Underwriting Analyst

Financial Services
Financial Planner
Investment Banker
Management Consultant
Quantitative Analyst

Data Scientist
Mathematical Modeller
Statistical Analyst
Research Analyst

Business Analyst
Data Analyst
Database Developer
Product Manager
Video Game Design

And more
Science Policy Analyst
People Analytics Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Technical Consultants

*This list is not exhaustive. Many other jobs may be right for you. Also, some occupations listed above may require further education and experience