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Industrial Undergraduate Courses

As part of your bachelor of engineering degree in industrial engineering, you’ll study industrial system design, operations research, data science, industrial ergonomics, systems modelling and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our optional co-operative internship program, where you’ll gain paid work experience. It’s everything you need to become skilled in finding solutions for processes, productivity and people.

A full description of each course can be found in the undergraduate calendar.

A strong foundation is essential. With courses designed to give you the knowledge you’ll need for the rest of your degree – no matter which engineering discipline you choose – first year lays the groundwork for your future success.

1st Semester

CEN 100 - Introduction to Engineering
CEN 199* - Writing Skills
CHY 102 - General Chemistry
MTH 140 - Calculus I
MTH 141 - Linear Algebra
PCS 211 - Physics: Mechanics

Liberal Studies: One course from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.

* This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

2nd Semester

CPS 188 - Computer Programming Fundamentals
ECN 801 - Principles of Engineering Economics
MEC 222 - Engineering Graphical Communication
MTH 240 - Calculus II
MTL 200 - Materials Science Fundamentals
PCS 125 - Physics: Waves and Fields

Your second-year studies will continue to advance your knowledge of engineering science basics. You’ll also be introduced to manufacturing methods and engineering design.

3rd Semester

CMN 432 - Communication in the Engineering Professions
MEC 323 - Statics and Mechanics of Materials
MEC 325 - Introduction to Engineering Design
MTH 425 - Differential Equations and Vector Calculus
PCS 213 - Physics: Light and Modern Physics

4th Semester

EES 512 - Electric Circuits
MEC 309 - Basic Thermodynamics
MEC 311 - Dynamics
MEC 322 - Manufacturing Fundamentals
MTH 410 - Statistics

Liberal Studies: One course from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.

* This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

All required core courses in the first and second semesters are prerequisites to all required core courses in third and fourth semesters.

This is an exciting time, when the picture of your career comes into focus. During your third year, you’ll gain more specialized industrial engineering knowledge in areas such as data analytics, operations research, quality assurance and facilities design.

You’ll also start planning ahead for next year by researching opportunities for professional experience through our optional co-operative internship program. (Participating in a co-operative internship will add one more year to your degree.)

This year is also the time to consider enrolling in the accelerated master of applied science pathway, for those who intend to pursue further studies after graduation.

5th Semester

IND 303 - Work Measurement, Analysis and Design
IND 405 - Introduction to Data Science and Analytics
IND 508 - Operations Research I
IND 605 - Experimental Design and Quality Assurance
MEC 516 - Fluid Mechanics I
MTH 510 - Numerical Analysis

6th Semester

IND 300 - Introduction to Management
IND 400 - Facilities Design
IND 600 - Systems Modeling and Simulation
IND 604 - Operations Research II
IND 712 - Industrial Ergonomics
PSY 209 - Industrial Psychology

All required core courses in the first and second semesters are prerequisites to all required core courses in fifth and sixth semesters.

In fourth year, the focus is on career-preparedness, as well as your own ideas and innovations. You’ll work on a team-based project that focuses on industrial engineering’s impact on society and the environment. Should you wish to pursue more advanced studies, fourth year is also the ideal time to consider applying to one of our graduate studies programs.

Note: Should you participate in a co-operative internship, your fourth year will be spent exclusively working in industry. You’ll complete the rest of your degree the following year, making your program five years in duration.

7th Semester


IND 70A/B - Industrial Systems Design
IND 708 - Information Systems
IND 710 - Production and Inventory Systems

Required Group 1: One course from the following:

IND 713 - Project Management
IND 719 - Big Data Analytics Tools
IND 810 - Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Liberal Studies: One course from the following:

ENG 503 - Science Fiction
GEO 702 - Technology and the Contemporary Environment
HST 701 - Scientific Technology and Modern Society
PHL 709 - Religion, Science and Philosophy
POL 507 - Power, Change and Technology

8th Semester


CEN 800 - Law and Ethics in Engineering Practice
IND 70A/B - Industrial Systems Design

Required Group 1: Two courses from the following:

IND 816 - Service Operations Management
IND 832 - Reliability and Decision Analysis
IND 833 - Financial Engineering

Liberal Studies: One course from Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies.

All required core courses in first through fourth semesters are prerequisites to all required core courses in seventh and eighth semesters.

For the Fall 2021 term, all courses in the Mechanical Engineering department will be offered through remote curriculum delivery. Any changes on the modality of delivery will be communicated to students via email. Please find detailed information and availability of current course offerings on the RAMSS website beginning August 5.