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Department of Philosophy
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What can i do with a philosophy degree?

There’s a really simple answer: many, many things. Studying philosophy is excellent preparation for lots of different careers. One reason is that studying philosophy improves your ability to think critically, and, according to Forbes Magazine, this is the single most important skill that employers want to see. 

Want to learn more about how studying philosophy makes you a good candidate for many jobs?
Click on any or all of the links below: [Hat Tip: Paul Raymont]

Do you want to go to Law School, or to do an MBA, or to complete an MA or PhD? If so, then studying philosophy is terrific preparation, since philosophy students perform extremely well on the standard tests that are required for admission to these programs (LSAT, GMAT, and GRE).

Do you want to go to Teacher’s College? If so, then studying philosophy first is a great idea. There are now two philosophy courses in the Ontario high school curriculum: a Grade 11 course called Philosophy: The Big Questions, and a Grade 12 course called Philosophy: Questions and Theories. According to the OPTA, over 28,000 students now study philosophy in over 440 high schools across Ontario! [Learn more]

How Should I Prepare for the Job Market?

There are lots of good ways to prepare for the job market. You might start by reading these two guidebooks, which contain lots of practical advice on how to unlock the potential of your philosophy degree.


At Ryerson, we take career preparation very seriously. If you would like personalized advice about your career plans, visit the university-wide Career Development and Employment Centre or the Faculty of Arts’ dedicated Career Counsellor, Sonny Wong.