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Faculty of Community Services

John Curry


PhD, MBA, MA, BSc (Honours)

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  • Urban sustainability
  • Environmental planning
  • Planning theory
  • Professional planning skills
  • Project planning and management


John Curry is a retired professor and past chair of the School of Environmental Planning at the University of Northern British Columbia. He has extensive Canada-wide experience working with small and medium size communities in the areas of economic, social, and ecological planning and development.  He was, for five years, editor-in-chief of Plan Canada, the professional journal of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

His research focused on: examining barriers to change towards sustainability; climate change processes of adaptation at a community and regional level; and new venture and entrepreneurial development in First Nations and non-First Nations communities. The First Nations research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

Curry currently teaches the graduate planning course Sustainability and Urban Communities at the University of Toronto and the graduate theory and studio courses and the undergraduate introductory planning and studio courses at Ryerson University. He was awarded the Bousefield Distinguished Visitorship at the University of Toronto for 2017/18.

Research Interests:

  • Examining barriers to change towards sustainability
  • Climate change processes of adaptation at a community and regional level
  • Planning for an aging population

Current Courses:

Teaching responsibilities:

  • PL8108: Advanced Theories of Planning and Design
  • PL8109: Studio
  • PLG830: Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation 
  • PLG720: Advanced Planning Studio ll
  • PLG530/PLG730: Planning Field Research Project
  • PLG100: Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning  

Teaching interests:

  • Sustainability and urban communities
  • Planning theory
  • Environmental planning
  • Professional planning skills
  • Project planning and management

Selected Publications:

  • Curry, J., Donker, H. & Michel, P. (2016) Social Entrepreneurship and Indigenous People. Journal of Co-operative Organization and Management. 4(2): 108-115.
  • Curry, J., Donker, H., & Krehbiel, R. (2014) Land claim and treaty negotiations in British Columbia, Canada: Implications for First Nations land and self-governance. Canadian Geographer. 58(3): 291-304.
  • Curry, J.  & Picketts, I.  (2014) Evaluating community sustainability planning in northern British Columbia, Canada. International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning. 3, 397-413.
  • Picketts, I., Curry, J., Déry, S., & Cohen, S. (2013) Learning with practitioners: climate change adaptation priorities in a Canadian community. Climatic Change. 118: 321-337.
  • Picketts, I., Déry, S., & Curry, J. (2013) Incorporating climate change adaptation into local plans. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. 57(7), 984-1002.
  • Picketts, I., Curry, J., & Rapaport, E. (2012) Community adaptation to climate change: environmental planners' knowledge and experiences in British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning. 14(2), 119-137.
  • Jackson, T., Gopinath D. & Curry, J. (2012) Dirigiste and Smart Growth approaches to urban sprawl: lessons from Scotland and British Columbia.  Journal of Transatlantic Studies. 10(1), 46-67.
  • Curry, J. & Mynen, T. (2010) Integrating sustainability concepts and First Nations values in an urban neighbourhood: A case study of Carney Hill neighbourhood, Prince George, British Columbia. International Journal of Sustainable Society. 2(10), 26-49.

Selected Publications & Presentations:

  • Bousefield Distinguished Visitorship – University of Toronto, 2017/18.

Position Currently Held:

Contract Lecturer

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  • SBB-436, South Bond Building
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