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Faculty of Community Services

Zannah Matson


MLA, PhD candidate

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  • Critical infrastructure studies
  • Urban design and urban built form
  • Visual representation

I am a PhD Candidate in Human Geography at the University of Toronto where my research focuses on the construction of territory through highway infrastructure development and counterinsurgency doctrine in Colombia. In addition to teaching as a contract lecturer at the Ryerson School of Urban and Regional Planning, I have been a course instructor at the University of Toronto Department of Geography and Planning.

In professional practice, I have worked with Public Work, MassLBP, and OPSYS Landscape Infrastructure Lab, most recently as project manager and lead exhibition designer for the Canada Pavilion at the 2016 Architettura Biennale di Venezia. I hold a master's of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. My current position and scholarship is supported by a SSHRC CGS Doctoral Scholarship.

Current Courses:

  • PLG 220: Planning Studio I

  • PLG320: Planning Studio II

Position Currently Held:

Contract Lecturer

Creative Activity
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