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Building Science

Students at a building site

There is an urgent need to reduce the impact of buildings on the natural world. To do so, new and existing buildings must improve energy efficiency, improve indoor environmental quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve heritage, and reduce resource consumption and waste generation. We need to embrace these principles, and we need you—tomorrow’s building science professional.

The interdisciplinary master of building science (MASc and MBSc) program is unique in Canada. It offers graduates of related programs the opportunity to explore the principles necessary to deliver sustainable buildings and prepare for careers in the building science industry and related areas such as engineering, architecture and construction.

The program offers a master of applied science (MASc) degree or a master of building science (MBSc) degree.

 Deepen your knowledge of innovative building performance, retrofits, field measurement, forensic investigation, testing/modelling, construction processes and more.

Which Degree is Right for You?

Master of Applied Science (MASc)
The MASc is best for students who want to focus on an in-depth study of a particular aspect of building science, which culminates in a traditional masters-level research thesis. MASc students do five courses in their first year and then focus on research, working closely with a faculty supervisor to complete their thesis. It is a two-year, full-time program.

Master of Building Science (MBSc)
The MBSc is best for students who prefer coursework over research. MBSc students take eight courses and do a Major Research Project. It is possible for full-time students to complete the MBSc program in one full calendar year, although many students take longer. Also, MBSc students can take the program part time over a period of two to five years.

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Student Experience

You are so much more than your degree. In the building science graduate program, our student work opportunities, projects, exhibitions and studio culture will help you develop lasting relationships with your peers that will guide you into your career. Visit our Student Experience page to learn more about what makes life here so unique.

Alumni Spotlight

“The MASc program gave me specific skills and knowledge that I use every day in my work—from building envelopes to HVAC, sustainability and energy efficiency.”

Matthew Tokarik, Senior Manager of Engineering at Subterra Renewables
Master of Applied Science ‘15


Matthew Tokarik