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Eduroam Configuration for Android Version 6+

These instructions will configure your wireless connection to the eduroam wireless network. It will allow you to authenticate and browse using a higher level of security and protection.  It will also automatically log you in after your first connection – no need to login and authenticate every time you come onto campus.

  1.  Ensure your device is connected to a data network, either LTE/4G or a wireless network with internet access. 

2. Click or enter the following link to download the wireless certificate for RU-Secure, external link

3. You will be prompted to save the certificate. Note: depending on how you lock your device you may be asked to enter your access code, swipe pattern, fingerprint etc. This is to confirm adding the certificate to the device.

4. When prompted, enter the certificate name as “RU-Secure-cert”, and in the “Used for” field, select “Wi-Fi”. Click OK

5. Browse available wireless networks and connect to eduroam, when the wireless properties window opens please select the options for the following fields.

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA certificate: RU-Secure-cert
  • Identity: Your home institutions full email address (ex:
  • Password: Your home institution user password

6. Click Save, your device will now connect to eduroam.

If you encounter any issues connecting, please contact