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Telecom Upgrade Project

Ryerson is currently upgrading to a new Cisco-based phone system, which allows:

  • calling capabilities to and from your Ryerson extension via a computer or mobile phone; and
  • the option of receiving a copy of voice messages in your Ryerson Gmail account.

Phone activation eligibility

All phones at the university, including employee and service phones located in common areas such as hallways, laboratories or meeting rooms, will be activated on the new phone system.

While the activation plan is segmented by faculty or department, individual employees may request a more immediate activation by contacting the Computing and Communications (CCS) Help Desk at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556806.

Changes and tasks

CCS will contact employees prior to your area’s changeover date to confirm your location and extension. At this time, you will be able to opt in for voicemail integration with Ryerson Gmail.

Some changes and tasks you can expect include:

  • A prefix of “55” added to your existing four-digit phone extension. If you already have a six-digit extension, it will remain the same.
  • Checking voicemail messages on your existing extension before your new extension is activated as old messages will no longer be available once your new extension is activated.
  • Updating your voicemail greeting

Checklist for planning your upgrade

On top of the expected changes and tasks, consider the following:

Try getting the word out about your new phone extension as early as possible. If you currently have a four-digit extension, your new extension will have the added prefix of “55”.

A one-month grace period will follow your extension change. During this time, people calling your old four-digit line will receive a recorded message notifying them of your new six-digit extension.

Additional impacts to consider

If applicable, you may also need to:

  • update informational or promotional materials produced by your area 
  • update your department website with new extensions 
  • order new business cards with your new extension listed 
  • notify external Ryerson contacts of your new extension (in some cases, you may need to update contracts or other agreements)

It’s important to notify us if you use technical aids, devices or adaptive technologies related to your phone system. This allows us to learn more about your requirements and prepare equipment suggestions in advance, if needed.

We encourage faculties and departments to upgrade to the digital fax option, XMediusFAX.

XMediusFAX is already in use at Ryerson and the monthly cost is less than half the cost of operating a traditional fax machine. Feel free to review the cost savings of using XMediusFax or contact the telecom upgrade team for details ahead of your scheduled upgrade.

If you’ve previously arranged for your four-digit extension to remain active due to an extenuating circumstance such as funding-related requirements, please note your exemption can only remain valid until your area is due for its upgrade.

If you’re moving office locations during the rollout period, a six-digit phone extension will be assigned to you, even if your new location has not yet been fully migrated to the new system. This helps us move forward in the upgrade project instead of sustaining the system we’re phasing out.

Please be aware that shared phone extensions and voicemail systems may not be available with Ryerson’s new phone system. We are currently investigating options to continue this service but it may not be available by the time of your area’s scheduled upgrade.


If you have any questions, please contact the Computing and Communications Services (CCS) telecom upgrade team at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556806.

Project status

Employee extensions are currently being activated on the new phone system. Find specific dates on the google sheetTelecom Upgrade Migration Schedule, external link