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Accessibility Tools

Ryerson is committed to encompassing everyone in the university community, providing equal opportunity to learn and share information. Ryerson’s accessibility initiatives seek to include persons with disabilities by ensuring the accessibility of written information from Internet browsers and popular computer applications. To facilitate the availability of this information, computers in Ryerson’s computing labs offer users two different screen readers: JAWS for Windows, and VoiceOver for Apple.


JAWS is a screen reader installed on all Windows computers in the CCS managed labs. It provides visually impaired users with an audio version of the information on the screen.

For instructions on how to use JAWS with your computer, visit the JAWS Tutorial.

Voice Over

VoiceOver is Apple’s built-in accessibility tool, available on all Apple computers and devices. VoiceOver provides users with features such as autospeaking web pages, “read all,” web page summary, and customizable verbosity.

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