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Indigenous research is community-based and is about empowering one another and putting
that research into action.

Ongoing Research Projects

    • Diversity Leads logo
    • This CURA funded project sought to address the challenge of leveraging diverse leadership for social and economic development in Canada.
    • Indigenous Identity and Citizenship
    • This research project funded by SSHRC aims to explore the relationship between traditional and Indian Act forms of governance systems as it relates specifically to citizenship.
    • First Nations Election Codes
    • The aim of this project was to explore the difference in leadership selection between First Nations with their own election codes and those without.
    • First Nations Poverty in Canada
    • This research explores poverty among First Nations. It seeks to cover gaps in research surrounding this severe problem amongst First Nations and is critical to informing policy debates, analyses and changes in the future.
    • Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada
    • After researching the history of legal and policy treatment of Indigenous peoples for a SSHRC research project on Indigenous identity, a trend was identified where Canada seemed to target Indigenous women for discriminatory and exclusionary, and at times violent treatment. This was an unfunded continuation of that research.
    • Indigenous Property Rights
    • This research will focus on Indigenous law, theory, and policy regarding Indigenous land rights and tenure.

Past Research Projects

    • Matrimonial Real Property on First Nations Reserves
    • This project looks at the issue of Matrimonial Real Property (MRP) from legal, policy, political and cultural perspectives with a view to developing the culturally appropriate alternatives to the current legislative and policy gap.