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Courses & Work Terms

The ideal balance of theory and application—that’s what we offer in the Chemical Engineering Co-op program. In class, you’ll study with the best and brightest, developing expertise in the physical and life sciences, as well as advanced processing, manufacturing and production technologies. You’ll also gain invaluable work experience through our mandatory co-op program, learning from industry professionals and making a valuable contribution to the team. An immersive education with your future at the forefront, we’ll give you everything you need to embark on a career in one of engineering’s most versatile disciplines.

A full description of each course can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Year Fall Winter Spring/Summer
1st Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester  
2nd Year 3rd Semester 4th Semester WKT 401 - Work Term I
3rd Year WKT 500 - Work Term II 5th Semester WKT 501 - Work Term III
4th Year 6th Semester WKT 601 - Work Term IV WKT 602 - Work Term V
5th Year 7th Semester 8th Semester  

You must successfully complete four work terms in order to graduate from the Chemical Engineering Co-op program.

A strong foundation is essential. With courses designed to give you the knowledge you’ll need for the rest of your degree—no matter what engineering discipline you choose—first year is the launchpad to your future success.


1st Semester

CEN 100 - Introduction to Engineering
CEN 199* - Writing Skills
CHY 102 - General Chemistry
MTH 140 - Calculus I
MTH 141 - Linear Algebra
PCS 211 - Physics: Mechanics

Liberal Studies: One course from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.

* This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.


2nd Semester

CHE 200 - Chemical Engineering Fundamentals
CHY 211 - General Chemistry Laboratory
CPS 125 - Digital Computation and Programming
ECN 801 - Principles of Engineering Economics
MTH 240 - Calculus II
PCS 125 - Physics: Waves and Fields

Your second year studies will continue to advance your understanding of foundational mathematics, engineering sciences and chemistry. You’ll learn how to apply that knowledge and to work with your peers to solve challenging chemical engineering problems. You’ll also begin your first work term—connecting you with industry and putting your skills to use.


3rd Semester

CHE 204 - Thermodynamics I
CHE 217 - Fluid Mechanics
CHY 224 - Organic Chemistry
EES 512 - Electric Circuits
MTH 425 - Differential Equations and Vector Calculus


4th Semester

CHE 214 - Thermodynamics II
CHE 215 - Process Measurements
CHE 220 - Heat Transfer
CHY 203 - Instrumental Methods of Analysis
CMN 432 - Communication in the Engineering Professions


WKT 401 - Work Term I

All 1st and 2nd year courses must be successfully completed in order to be eligible to begin the co-op placements.

Third year is an exciting time, when the picture of your career comes into focus. You’ll start and end the year in your co-op placement. In between, you’ll study chemical engineering more in depth, including computer programming applications.


WKT 500 - Work Term II


5th Semester (Offered in Winter Term Only)

CHE 307 - Chemical Engineering Materials
CHE 308 - Mass Transfer
CHE 309 - Introductory Bioengineering
CHE 331 - Engineering Statistics and Probabilities
CHE 338 - Chemical Engineering Computations

Liberal Studies: One course from Table A - Lower Level Liberal Studies.


WKT 501 - Work Term III

We’ll keep you busy in fourth year, with a semester focused on applying all your knowledge to design, simulation and industrial settings. You’ll take what you learn back into the workplace for the final phase of your co-op placement.


6th Semester (Offered in Fall Term Only)

CHE 312 - Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 315 - Unit Operations Laboratory I
CHE 318 - Separation Processes
CHE 319 - Process Modeling and Simulation
CHE 617 - Chemical Process Safety Loss Prevention

Liberal Studies: One course from the following:

ENG 503 - Science Fiction
GEO 702 - Technology and the Contemporary Environment
HST 701 - Scientific Technology and Modern Society
PHL 709 - Religion, Science and Philosophy
POL 507 - Power, Change and Technology


WKT 601 - Work Term IV


WKT 602 - Work Term V

In fifth year, you’ll study specialized elective courses and broaden your knowledge. With no co-op work terms during this phase of your degree, you’ll be 100% focused on your studies and readying yourself for what’s to come—your career.


7th Semester

CHE 44A/B* - Plant Design
CHE 413 - Chemical Engineering Equipment Design
CHE 415 - Unit Operations Laboratory II
CHE 430 - Process Control

Professional: Two courses from Table I.


8th Semester

CEN 800 - Law and Ethics in Engineering Practice
CHE 44A/B* - Plant Design

Liberal Studies: One course from Table B - Upper Level Liberal Studies.

Professional: Three courses from Table I.

* This is a multi-term course.

Professional Electives Offered in 2021-2022

Fall 2021 - From Table I Winter 2022 - From Table I
CHE 425/CE 8210-Process and Engineering Optimization
CHE 480-Microfluidic Systems
CHE 615/CE 8710-Air Pollution and Control
CHE 618-Solid Waste Treatment
CHE 404-Enhanced Oil Recovery
CHE 414-Rate Processess in Chemical Engineering
CHE 420-Particulate Engineering
CHE 451/CE 8510-Plastics Technology
CHE 471-Thesis/Research and Design Project
CHE 616-Water and Wastewater Treatment
CHE 714-Pharmaceutical Technology and Processing