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Get Involved

Now that you’re a science undergraduate, there’s lots to learn, experience and explore beyond the lecture halls. Students in the Department of Chemistry are very active in activities — academic, professional and social. Check out just a few of the opportunities below. You’ll expand your horizons, develop personal growth, and create memories for a lifetime.  

Chemistry, Biomedical Science and Biology Course Union logos.

Course Unions

Get active with one of the program’s three course unions, Chemistry CU, external link, Biomed CU or Biology CU, external link. Attend an event, have a say in your program, or even run for office to represent your peers.  

Chemistry and Biology current undergraduate students walking together in campus hallway.

Student Groups

Join a special interest group. There’s lots to choose from, both inside and outside of science. Check out STEM-specific groups, external link, or a wide range of interest groups, external link — from hobbies to politics to spirituality, and more.  

Field Courses

, external link

Get out there and explore biology: along a waterway, inside a forest, at a wildlife research station, at another university, or even in another country. These full-time, two week courses give you practical field experience — and the equivalent to a 3-hr term credit at Ryerson.  

Chemistry and Biology current undergraduate students in the DMZ.

Zone Learning

Have an innovative idea? Curious about start-up ventures? Get involved in Zone Learning. It’s your chance to collaborate with professors, industry professionals and students to incubate new ideas. Check out our own Science Discovery Zone (SDZ) and non-credit course SCI 888 on evidence-based innovation.  


Widen your horizons in scientific research. This non-credit professional development course matches you with senior students, alumni, or faculty members. You’ll learn about different careers in science, job search strategies, soft skills and research-readiness.  

Chemistry and Biology current undergraduate students preparing for a special project.

Special Projects & Events Funding

Did you know that extracurricular funding is available? Each year, students attend or even present research at scientific conferences, external link. Others join competitions or even assist with research expeditions around the world. Check the Faculty of Science or Ryerson Science Society, external link to see what’s available.  

Outdoor view of the Student Learning Centre at the corner of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto.

SLC, Science Lounge and Downtown Toronto

Find study spaces, casual seating and themed floors at the Student Learning Centre (SLC). Faculty of Science students also have exclusive access to the Science Lounge, external link at Kerr Hall. There’s also lots to explore nearby in the downtown core.