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Notifications and user settings

Notifications and user settings


Would you like to be notified by text message or email when there are changes to your courses?

Notifications is a tool that allows you to enable an email alert or text message when there are new items in your course! You can set up a notification to alert you about new content items, news/announcements, and even posted grades!

Each user is responsible for setting up notifications for their courses - it is not something Instructors will be able to do for them.

Note: You will still be able to receive emails sent from instructors despite any changes made to your notification settings.

  1. In the top right corner of the minibar, under your name, click Notifications.
  2. Notifications will always go to the email address associated with your account in Brightspace. For Ryerson students, faculty and staff, this will be your email address.
  3. Summary of Activity
    • This option will email you a summary of all activity for each course, as opposed to an instant email for each notification item.
    • Select how often you receive an email notification: Never (turns this option off), Daily (set an appropriate time), or Weekly (set an appropriate day and time).
  1. Instant Notifications
    • Review and select any area you would like to receive Email notifications
  2. Customize Notifications
    • Review the options and select any that you would like.
  3. Exclude some courses
    • You may choose the courses for which you don’t want  to receive notifications.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

How do I set up mobile notifications?

Disclaimer: ​​We ​do ​not support ​the mobile notifications​, ​​due to ​the ​various ​mobile ​carriers' technical ​​aspects. ​We recommend ​the use of email notifications​, as well as checking your courses in a supported web browser (Firefox or Chrome) for any course updates​​.

​Please note that​ D2L ​doe​s not ask for any information via SMS. ​​If you receive any suspicious messages, ​we recommend you to go to to check your D2L course directly.

Before you can receive text notifications, you must register your mobile phone for this service.  Note that this is an optional feature you can use at your own discretion as you will be entering your mobile number into D2L Brightspace. (Ryerson is not responsible for any additional fees your mobile carrier may charge for SMS messages.)

  1. In the top right corner of the minibar, under your name, click Notifications.
  2. Under Contact Methods, you’ll see a link to Register your mobile. Enter the required fields, including your phone number.
  1. A confirmation code (4 digits) will be sent to your phone.

    You may receive a message stating that you are not subscribed to email to SMS service.  In which case, you will be prompted on your phone to text “yes”.  Then, you need to click “resend your code” in D2L before you follow the instructions on your phone to be texted a 4 digit code from

    Note: If your carrier is Freedom Mobile (previously WIND), you will first need to activate your email to SMS service before you can set up mobile notifications from D2L Brightspace. To do this, send an SMS message from your cell phone to the short code of 4000. (More information about this from Freedom Mobile's website, external link.) You may need to click “resend your code” in D2L to be texted a 4 digit code from before you follow the instructions on your phone.

  1. Set the Max number of messages per day you wish to receive per day.
  1. Under Instant Notifications, click on the SMS checkbox for any items you wish to receive an SMS message when there are notifications in D2L.
  2. Click Save.
  1. You can delete your mobile number at any time to stop receiving SMS notifications by clicking the trash bin beside your Mobile Number.

Account settings

This section includes a number of settings that can improve accessibility for some users.

Locate the settings for your account by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner, then "Account Settings".

There are a number of user-specific settings here that can be used to optimize your experience with Brightspace. This is often most useful when using assistive technologies.

Here are a few highlighted settings that you may find useful.

Font Settings

Control the readability of the text in Brightspace by selecting an appropriate size and/or enabling the OpenDyslexic font.

Dialog setting

This setting changes how pop-up messages appear in Brightspace.

"You should change modal dialogs to pop-ups if a) you primarily view the website on a small device, b) you primarily view the website with style sheets disabled, or c) you use an assistive technology (such as a screen reader, screen magnifier or voice software) that benefit from simpler page designs."

In short, if the above situations don't apply to you, please feel free to change this setting to "dialog". This may improve some users' experience when taking a quiz.

HTML Editor settings

This setting determines whether you see a rich-text HTML editor or a basic text editor. Some courses rely on the rich-text editor in quiz responses, but it is important to make note of when it may not be an appropriate setting for you.

"The HTML editor enables you to enter text and HTML in the system. It has many additional rich text features. If you use assistive technology such as screen readers, some of these features might be difficult to navigate."

Turning off the rich-text editor will allow you to view and edit HTML code (source) in a plain text editor.


In this section, you can set a few defaults for how you send email.

  • check to "Save a copy of each outgoing message to the Sent Mail folder"
  • check to "Send a copy of each outgoing message to ..." your email address
  • set your Reply-to address
  • set your email signature


User profile

  • The features of the Profile have been disabled for the time being, pending investigation and testing.