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Leaders update: Notifying contractors of vaccination requirements

September 23, 2021

To: All leaders

On Tuesday, September 2, the university released its COVID-19 Vaccination policy, which is mandated by law.

The policy applies to all contractors that provide goods and services to Ryerson, requiring them to be fully vaccinated prior to their entry to campus. To ensure compliance with this, the university has developed a notice for contractors outlining:

  • requirements to access campus including COVID-19 Vaccination policy details and health screening requirements,
  • that contractors are required to ensure their personnel are compliant with the policy and ensure that they complete RyersonSafe health screening prior to entering campus.

Who is considered a contractor?

"Contractor" means a supplier, vendor, independent contractor, contractor, consultant, and service provider providing goods and services to Ryerson.

Does this policy apply to individuals who are just dropping items off and not entering buildings?

Contractors that deliver to Shipping and Receiving at 105 Bond Street, or to the exterior of campus buildings but that do not enter Ryerson buildings are not required to comply with Ryerson's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Do contractors need to submit proof of vaccination through RyersonSafe app?

As contractors are required to collect proof of vaccination from their personnel and ensure that their personnel are compliant with the policy, Ryerson University will not require contractors to upload their proof of vaccination to RyersonSafe.

However, contractors accessing campus are still required to complete the university’s daily health screening requirements through RyersonSafe.

What you need to do: Communicating to contractors you manage relationships with

Per the government regulations, Ryerson is required to ensure that its contractors are in compliance with Ryerson's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. As part of this, we are asking all units/individuals who have an existing relationship with a contractor to communicate the vaccination requirements in order to access campus:

  1. Provide the PDF fileAgreement to Comply: Ryerson University COVID-19 Vaccination Policy to contractors with whom you have an existing relationship.
    • This explains their obligations to comply with Ryerson's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.
  2. Request the contractor complete and return the fourth page of the document to you.
    • This is an agreement and acknowledgment from the Contractors to Ryerson verifying their compliance with Ryerson's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.
  3. File the executed agreement and acknowledgement form with your original contract, or with your PO if there is no written contract.

These must be completed before the contractor's next visit to campus. For contractors who are already on campus or attend campus everyday, these steps should be completed no later than Monday, September 27th, 2021.

For clarity this notice does not need to be sent to contractors that only provide off-site services. This is only applicable to contractors who attend campus or plan to attend campus.

More information on visitors to follow

The university is continuing to develop procedures related to visitors accessing campus, and will provide more detailed information soon.


If you have questions about communicating policy requirements as they apply to contractors, please reach out to Kate Salter, senior legal counsel at