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    Criminology at Ryerson

    The Criminology program at Ryerson examines the key players and institutions that affect, and are affected by, the justice system and other institutions of regulation. We seek to understand the balancing of the interests of victims, offenders, the public, and politicians along with concerns about human rights and social justice. This makes the field of criminology incredibly dynamic and ever-changing and is reflected in our curriculum. You will learn about the operation of the criminal justice system, the professionals that work within the system, and the various stakeholders that are involved. The ability to think critically about issues in criminology and the substantive knowledge you will acquire, will prepare you for work in criminal justice related fields as well as postgraduate education. Read More

    Scholarship and Awards

    The Department of Criminology offers full time students a number of awards each academic year. Take the time to explore the many scholarships and awards available – and apply!

      • Nicola Simpson
      • Department: Nicola Simpson, who spent time in North York Women's Shelter during Christmas a few years ago, is encouraging people to be more sensitive to others during the holidays. - Justin Greaves/Metroland
        Phone: Criminology
      • Kunal Variawa
      • Department: This exciting MA program from Ryerson University provides an interdisciplinary approach to social justice at an innovative institution in Downtown Toronto.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Guan Wang
      • Department: I would like to reconstruct masculinity in a positive attitude and show appreciation for the progress we have made in society.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Anjanette Brown
      • Department: My most recent experience, has given me the drive to further my education in order to assist individuals who lack the means to challenge social inequality.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Jacqueline Omstead
      • Department: Jackie Omstead is a community artist who is passionate about working collaboratively to promote meaningful inclusion and barrier-free access to the arts.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Rija Munawar
      • Department: My name is Rija Munawar and I am a fourth year Criminology student and the Vice-President of the Criminal Justice Students' Association (CJSA).
        Phone: Criminology
      • Shane Vitaly Foran
      • Department: Brandon graduated in 2014 with a degree in criminology. He completed an MA in Communication and Culture at Ryerson University in 2016. Brandon is beginning a PhD in Communications at Carleton University in 2016 where he will study ISIS propaganda.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Maria Fabregui
      • Department: I am a committee member for Ryerson's World University Services of Canada (WUSC), which helps sponsor refugees to come to Canada to get a post-secondary education. After I graduate I hope to work as a CBSA officer to grasp further knowledge on immigration policy and law, and in the future pursue a Masters in Policy.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Elisa Di Vito
      • Department: I hope to attend law school this coming fall, with the intent of becoming a criminal defence lawyer and one day opening my own law firm. Outside of my academic studies, I enjoy kickboxing, creative writing, reading and painting.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Imran Shaikh
      • Department: Imran Shaikh received his Juris Doctor from University of Windsor Law School in 2013. He is an Alumni of Ryerson’s Department of Criminology where he received his Honours Bachelor of Arts in 2010.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Nazanin Ayon
      • Department: My name is Nazanin Ayon and I am a fourth year Criminology student. As the recipient of the Second Chance Award and the Zonta Award, I have been able to meet my educational and basic needs. These awards are also important to me because they have helped increase my self-confidence and my family's proudness of my achievements.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Stephanie Sekoh
      • Department: I hope to attend law school after completing my degree at Ryerson and become an advocate for vulnerable women and children. Being selected as the recipient of the Carina Petrarche Award has been an honour.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Ella Brosh
      • Department: Ella won the Social Studies Award in high school for her dedication to the study of law, and the Criminology Second Year Award at Ryerson University this past year.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Christopher Babcock-Rimore
      • Department: Christopher Babcock-Rimore is a Criminology alum who found himself sharing a performance bill with the likes of Avicii, Skrillex and David Guetta this July after winning a competition hosted by an online trance music forum.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Farihah Ali
      • Department: Farihah Ali graduated from the Criminology program in 2013, and subsequently completed an MA in Public Policy and Administration, also at Ryerson. She is currently completing her PhD at York University in Health Policy and Equity, working in the area of Indigenous health.
        Phone: Criminology
      • Rebecca Dias
      • Department: I am a human rights advocate and am extremely passionate of all issues pertaining to social justice. Being a part of the Criminal Justice Students Association for two years prior to being elected as the Vice-President and now President has provided me with countless memories and abundant skills.
        Phone: Criminology