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Clean Energy Zone

Empowering energy entrepreneurs

The energy sector is transforming. The threat of climate change, the commercialization of renewable energy sources and the impact of big data are leading to rapid change. The Clean Energy Zone is at the forefront of this transformation.

Founded in 2012, the Clean Energy Zone, housed in Ryerson University’s Centre for Urban Energy (CUE), is an incubator focused on clean, sustainable energy innovations including electric vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage and distribution, microgrids and net-zero city building. We bring researchers, students and industry partners together to commercialize sustainable solutions that address societal needs and provide real environmental, social and economic impact.

Benefiting from Ryerson’s unique zone learning model, members of the Clean Energy Zone develop their ideas while learning new skills to improve their business acumen and technical expertise. Through our relationship with CUE, we also offer our zone members access to state-of-the-art research labs, co-working spaces and curated mentorship from industry partners and academic researchers and faculty.

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external,Zone learning is a distinct model of experiential learning pioneered at Ryerson, developed to prepare students for the workplace of the 21st century by working on real projects, causes, companies and startups at one of Ryerson’s 10 zones. Each zone focuses on a specific industry and offers students access to resources and mentors to develop their own ideas or contribute to someone else’s. Zone learning includes hands-on experiential education, workshops, Startup School, continuing education opportunities and an optional specialization.

What our startups say

"The Clean Energy Zone offered a collaborative and innovative work environment with access to the people and resources we needed to launch our company."

– Matt Tokarik, founder of 2ND LOT

"The Clean Energy Zone played an integral role in supporting DanTeb through the process of building our own ‘Made in Canada’ product. We met some of our suppliers through the zone network whom we are still partnered with today. It was a great place for idea sharing and learning from mentors."

– Laura Miller, co-founder of DanTeb Enterprises

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