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Dr. Andriy Miranskyy


Assistant Professor

Email Address:

Research Interests:


My main research interest lies in the area of quantifying and mitigating risks (in the broadest sense) associated with the Software Engineering process. Examples of risks are numerous:



  • Related to very large databases for Big Data been tested improperly, resulting in defect escapes and unplanned outages;

  • Tied to non-scalable algorithms for which it is impossible to determine root cause of system failure fast enough to preclude prolonged outages and customer dissatisfaction;

  • Connected with requirements creeping in late in the development cycle, overrunning original budget and schedule;

  • Linked to spikes in the number of defects rediscovered by clients, overloading support and maintenance personnel.



My current research activities involve three inter-related Software Engineering disciplines: Quality Assurance, Green (Energy Efficient) Software, and Requirements Engineering.