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Energy & Sustainability

A group of researchers are working together and independently in a collaborative work space

To solve the environmental problems that we face today, the world looks to experts in the fields of engineering and architectural science to develop sustainable practices and technologies.

Researchers at FEAS are up to the challenge. From grid-scale energy storage to smart building systems and nano-engineered environmental remediation technologies, FEAS is the place where partners and researchers collaborate to pioneer some of the most essential innovations of the 21st century.

Lab Title Principal Investigator Lab Description
BeTop Lab Umberto Berardi Powered by Ryerson’s Science Discovery Zone, researchers in the BeTop lab perform testing and development on innovative building materials with the goal of enhancing energy efficiency.
Researchers chat around a big piece of machinery

Centre for Urban Energy (CUE)

Drawing on the expertise of engineers, business experts, urban planners, architects and academics, CUE conducts highly focused research that addresses major energy challenges facing urban centres around the world. Learn more about CUE.

Two male students work on a machine

Clean Energy Zone (CEZ)

At the forefront of today’s energy sector transformation is CEZ—a multidisciplinary incubator focused on clean, sustainable innovations, including electric vehicles, renewables, microgrids, and energy storage and distribution. Learn more about CEZ.