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Functional Materials

Organic, inorganic and hybrid materials with tunable shapes and sizes, functional materials have the potential to save lives and protect the planet from environmental degradation.

At FEAS, we are passionate about this potential. From understanding the effects of climate change on water quality, to designing polymers with lifesaving applications, to producing bone-like prosthetic implants, our world-class researchers are pushing the limits of functional materials for the benefit of us all.

Faculty Member Department
Fayazbakhsh, Kazem Aerospace Engineering
Hashemi, Seyed Aerospace Engineering
Poon, Cheung Aerospace Engineering
Tan, Bo Aerospace Engineering
Walsh, Paul Aerospace Engineering
Berardi, Umberto Architectural Science
Ramakrishnan, Ramani Architectural Science
Richman, Russell Architectural Science
Straka, Vera Architectural Science
Chan, Philip Chemical Engineering
Cheng, Chil-Hung (Henry) Chemical Engineering
Dahman, Yaser Chemical Engineering
Dhib, Ramdhane Chemical Engineering
Doan, Huu Chemical Engineering
Ein-Mozaffari, Farhad Chemical Engineering
Hwang, Dae Kun (Rilla) Chemical Engineering
Turcotte, Ginette Chemical Engineering
Waldman, Stephen Chemical Engineering
Yousefi, Nariman Chemical Engineering
Zarrin, Hadis Chemical Engineering
Amleh, Lamya Civil Engineering
Hossain, Khandaker (Anwar) Civil Engineering
Sennah, Khaled Civil Engineering
Shehata, Medhat Civil Engineering
Antoniades, Marco Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
Yang, Victor Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
Yuan, Fei Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
Bougherara, Habiba Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
He, Siyuan Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Lu, Hua Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Oguamanam, Donatus Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Papini, Marcello Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Ravindran, Ravi Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Salustri, Filippo Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Towler, Mark Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Tsai, Scott Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Varvani-Farahani, Ahmad Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Venkatakrishnan, Krishnan Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Lab Title Principal Investigator Lab Description
Facility for Research on Aerospace Materials and Engineered Structures (FRAMES) Kazem Fayazbakhsh Funded by a CFI infrastructure grant, FRAMES is a state-of-the-art, leading-edge centre for aerospace materials and structures. The facility can be utilized to perform full-scale components testing, and static and durability tests. It also hosts full-cycle FFF 3D printing research, including filament extrusion, large-scale 3D printing, and in-situ inspection.