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Read about items housed in the Fashion Research Collection and how they relate to the topic of sustainability:

Belt of a paper jumpsuit with a pink, green, orange and yellow print

PDF fileImagining a Future of Disposability: Paper Fashion, opens in new window Reflects on the relationship between the marketing of the paper dress as new technology and the futuristic thinking around outer space in the late 1960s. By Bianca Garcia.

Detail of red and pink patterned kimono

PDF fileThe Kimono and the Haori, opens in new window Investigates two styles of traditional Japanese dress in relation to sustainability. By Jennifer Dares and Cecilia Gomes.

Close up of belt detail of pink, orange, yellow and green swirly patterned paper jumpsuit

PDF fileSustainability and the Jumpsuit, opens in new window Explores the history and sustainability of a 1960s paper jumpsuit. By Emilie Chan and Zoe Yin.

Turtle embroidery detail of kimono

PDF fileThe Language of the Kimono, opens in new window Discusses the symbolism and meaning involved in the practice of wearing kimonos. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida.