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Today's visionaries inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Ryerson FCAD is an impactful education hub and innovation ecosystem at the heart of Canada's media, design and creative industries.

It is grounded in Canadian values but with a truly international perspective and scope. It is home to many of Canada's top schools and programs in their field and recognized as a leading institution around the world.

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Top Schools in the Field

FCAD’s nine schools offer 22 professional programs that are best in class in Canada and are recognized amongst the top programs internationally. Presenting a uniquely interdisciplinary post-secondary education that blends a variety of fields, experiential learning, innovation and technology, students are equipped with 21-century skills, empowering them to become the creative leaders of tomorrow.

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Creative Technology

Blending state-of-the-art technology with creative inspiration, FCAD is pushing the boundaries of creative exploration. FCAD’s network focuses on creative technological applications, whether it’s large-scale digital projects, advanced robotics or fabrication, FCAD’s expansive network ensures students across all nine schools are at the forefront of what technology has to offer.

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Through boundary-pushing scholarly, research and creative activity, FCAD’s researchers make their mark across the global creative industries. With 18 research centres, dozens of international academic partnerships with leading educational institutions, and an array of top industry collaborations, we bring brilliant minds together from across the creative industries to explore, innovate and impact the world we live in.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

FCAD nurtures the entrepreneurial and creative potential of students by encouraging risk-taking , the exploration of new ideas, and the development of creative skills and values. Embedded into our four creative zones, innovative curriculum and multi-disciplinary programs, FCAD’s entrepreneurial focus prepares students for the real world and empowers them to be nimble, innovative and resourceful. 


Creativity in the time of Pandemic

With physical distancing measures in effect and the uncertainty of what the next few weeks and months will look like, there is a greater need to not only connect as a community but to co-create the future together. We need creativity now more than ever.

Year-End Shows

FCAD students and faculty reimagined conventional means of exhibiting their work and engaging the audience at the end-of year shows.

SHOWCASE 2020 online , external link, opens in new window

CRI Showcase 2020

Creative Industries

New Voices Festival on YouTube , external link, opens in new window

New Voices Festival

Performance - Acting

CREATE Showcase on YouTube , external link, opens in new window

CREATE Showcase

Performance - Dance and Production + Design

META Gallery online , external link, opens in new window

META 2020

RTA School of Media - New Media

ProCom Signify online , external link, opens in new window

Signify 2020

Professional Communication

Maximum Exposure 2020 online , external link, opens in new window

Max Ex 25

Image Arts - Photography

Archive 2020 - RSID Graduate Publication , external link, opens in new window

Archive 2020

Interior Design 2020 Graduate Publication

Top stories of creativity during the pandemic

Staying Engaged

Other ways the FCAD community is cultivating creativity during the pandemic

#CommunitiesCreate, external link, opens in new window - Improv Workshop with Kevin Frank & Julie Dumais Osborne

Catalyst Connect Presents, opens in new window - Esports at Ryerson | Wants, Needs & Realities!

Register for upcoming events, workshops, webinars and more -- all hosted online.


Top News Stories

Stay Connected

Upcoming Events

All in-person Ryerson University events from now until May 1 have been cancelled or postponed, opens in new window as part of the university’s effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

See below for a list of virtual events hosted by the FCAD and Ryerson University community.

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